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Why did my package arrive damaged from USPS?

Hey dear orderer or reciever of things that require shipping. Today I’m going to go over what the likely reasons are that your package arrived damaged from the post office.

A lot of customers I came across during my mailman days thought it was some instance of malice that contributed to the condition of their goods. But, I can assure you that after you’ve worked in any capacity delivering or handling packages you become so numb to the cardboard overlords that you would prefer to just move it along.

So what’s the real reason packages get damaged?

The number 1 cause, is other packages. No, I don’t mean to say other packages are consciously damaging their peers in an effort to gain cardboard dominance. Rather, when these packages are sorted they are banging up against each other all the time.

This causes issues and can cause damage. Depending on the carrier, different systems are used as well. For some large shipping carriers like UPS, a belt-driven system is used. For others like USPS who specialize in smaller packages, they use metal cages and actual clerks to sort packages to their final destination. These clerks separate the packages with a toss. Underhand.

And when packages bump up against each other things can happen.

The second most prominent cause is insufficient taping. Lots of boxes break open at least when they are at higher weights. At UPS I see it all the time. Usually, it’s dog food. Gosh darn it… dog food. Delivering a package that looks like I stomped on it to feed the snarling canine at the front door. There’s some irony in there somewhere I think.

So, please tape things properly. Not a single piece down the center adjoining the flaps. Think about the way the box may flex and add some cross tapes to that.

The third and most important cause of package damage is – the shipper did a really bad job. If you receive a box and you can press down on it and there is room for it to cave in, it wasn’t packed properly. There should be minimal space in a box to make sure it can withstand some force.

But, shipping supplies are expensive. So the vast majority of boxes and items being shipped are underserved. And this leads to damages. This leads to customers wondering why their mailman doesn’t care. He does! It sucks delivering something in poor condition.

Hopefully, with this rundown you can get an understanding of the root causes of shipping frustrations. Remember that the last person delivering is pained to see a damaged box.

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