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What’s the coolest thing you can have shipped?

To answer your question, it depends entirely on my opinion. And my opinion is 100% correct without a doubt. That’s how opinions work, right?

Anyways, on to the dirt. The coolest thing you can have delivered through the post office is a banana. Depending on the distance you ship it, it may even be ripe or rotten by the time it reaches its destination. I saw this personally. A banana on the last leg of it’s journey before I got it to the target.

It started the day browning, and by delivery time the address(written in sharpie) was no longer legible. A close second is probably the whales that UPS managed to ship. But, I wasn’t a part of that one so it gets discounted heavily in my book.

Dear delivery people, tell me in the comments. What’s the weirdest or coolest thing you’ve delivered?

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