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What system should you use to keep cool delivering in the summer? I got you!

By the grace of some deity and through sins I must have committed in my former life I have ended up in the desert. In combination with a job that requires me to sustain this heat until I atone for my atrocities.. I’ve had some experience figuring out the best ways to hydrate and not die prematurely.

So, here’s the thing. You need a system. I’m not a doctor, but any Gatorade commercial has drilled into your head that you’re going to lose more than water if you’re out in the head sweating all day. That’s the given. So, if you’re new to delivery driving or just looking for a better way you should come up with your own system.

  1. Try to figure out how much water you need and go half a liter above that or more. Why do I say that? Well, there’s no worse feeling than getting obsessed with delivering and in the zone than checking on your water supply and you’re almost out. In my ignorance, I have come across such a situation and it was silly of me. I should’ve IMMEDIATELY left the route and gone to refill – but alas the trials of being a cardboard slinger made it a hard sell. So I had that dry mouth feeling and that’s when I knew it was time to go. Don’t be like me, carry enough water.
  2. Invest in some of those cool towels for your neck. Many of my colleagues use a two towel system. They always have a cold one in their icebox, and they trade it out with the one that’s been on their neck in intervals. Maybe every 20 minutes or so, whatever works for you.
  3. Find a way to drink water without having to go into the back of your box truck. If you work for UPS/FedEx or a similar carrier and use a box truck you know you have a bulkhead door that separates you from the packages/your things. So for me, I use a cup in the front seat and a large container that holds water in the back. An igloo with a spout works perfectly for this. The ice water goes to the bottom and you just fill your cup with that. You’re in heaven.

Those are the basics and it seems exceedingly simple to have it set up like that and get into a habit of drinking water always… right? But, when you’re in the zone or under some pressure it’s easy to forget. Let me know how you handle the heat in the comments and watch out for my reviews in the future. I’ll be checking out some different cooler setups to see how insulated they are and how they hold up in the heat.

I’ll be sure to update the article with how that went later. Thanks!

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