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What is the best tape to use for shipping a box?

Black tape, scotch tape, paper tape, and even duct tape. I’ve come across them all in my delivery days.

Sometimes, people just go for staples and glue. Bold strategy there. And one thing I’ve found to be true in all cases is that the tape LEAST likely to give issues is that regular old clear scotch tape. 

When you’re taping a box, put a full length strip that covers the entirety of both of the seams. There shouldn’t be any patchwork. And slap a little bit extra to give it that nice seal. If you do this, chances are your box will be safe and sound. 

Nothing is more irritating as a delivery driver than dropping a box off at someones door that is half opened! It looks bad on us. We’re the last people with it in our hands so naturally people are going to be like “huh! my box was opened!”. 

The most likely cause of all boxes opening is poor usage of tape and some slight flex during shipping. For example, paper tape that is commonly used by Amazon is notorious for opening. Imagine a 60 lb box filled with dog food and sealed with paper/water stick tape. At the first sign of moment and shifting of that weight, problems happen. 

So don’t be that shipper! Use that good old scotch tape. Or if you’ve found a method you prefer just make sure you don’t skimp on getting a tight seal.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ve appreciated this article. How do you tape your boxes? Let me know below 🙂

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