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What are the best gloves for delivery drivers?

Heyo, my fellow cardboard slingers. If you’re like me, at the end of the day your hands are a dirty mess. Added to this that I tend to have a penchant for absorbing cuts and bruises – gloves are a must.

I’ve actually done quite a lot of research inefficiently trying to find that perfect pair. I wanted something that offered full-fingered protection while allowing me to use my now digital scanner for work(thanks for getting rid of those fully analog controls big brown). The thing is, that perfect glove doesn’t exist.

Without further ado, there is an option that works for me and may work for you. That is to use a HUGE market that loves to spend money and has its gloves refined in a variety of styles. What is it you ask? Cycling! Yes, I have found by far the best materials for the greatest value from buying cycling gloves.

I will continually update this article as I test out new pairs, so be sure to come back and check from time to time if this piques your interest.

So why cycling gloves?

Well, besides the reasons mentioned above, many are lacking fingertips. And while I’d rather have my fingertips shielded, I can’t be efficient if I’m fumbling about trying to press a touchscreen. The woven fabrics that are conductive just do not cut it. The material is often stiff, making it feel like I have my fingers in a size that’s too small for them and it’s a one-way ticket to frustration city for me.

The second biggest reason I love trying out cycling gloves is that it’s a high net-worth opinionated fan base. A guy who is going to spend 5k on a competition bike will often have tried out many pairs of gloves – so when he approves something I don’t feel like I’m throwing money away.

But I sure feel that pain when I go to Walmart and buy some bottom-of-the-barrel brand.

I hope you guys appreciate my post and be sure to come to check out the first pair that I will be reviewing shortly.

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