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How late does UPS deliver?

How late does UPS deliver?


If your package is out for delivery, it can come depending on that centers cutoff time. They usually do not want drivers out past dark, although that does happen. But, bringing back any packages is a big deal. So you can usually count on your package being delivered barring some strange circumstance. 


UPS does have to comply with DOT regulations for drivers. That stipulation says 11 hours of drive time is the cutoff. With lunch/break, time walking to houses, sorting your truck as a driver and general delivery stuff the 11 hour limit is never really in danger of being reached. What is more likely? A 14 hour day cutoff. YES THIS HAPPENS. UPS drivers work long hours, it’s a tough job, and most likely your package will make it to your house(sometimes late at night). 


The only reasons your package showed being out for delivery, and it is not delivered that day is because it was either missorted or required a signature and you weren’t home. If you were not home, you will find a slip on your door telling you a delivery was attempted. 


You get three attempts, so two more after the first one. 

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