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The Top 10 Reasons Mailmen/CCAs Quit the Post Office

Working for the USPS is a hard job, it was rewarding as well. Seeing the smiling faces of customers when you delivered the thing they’ve been waiting so long for was a pretty great feeling. 

But with the ups come the downs. This happens with every job, in every industry. And this is just my personal opinions of the inner workings of USPS and the way it’s run. 

With that said, I’m a pro at whining. A skill honed through many years of hard earned practice. So what did I find during my time as a mailman? Quite a bit. I used to think Charles Bukowski was joking when he wrote Post Office. But, it turned out to be the truth!

10. Poor Training

The USPS has something called carrier academy. This is fine, conceptually. But during those few days when you’re learning how to put something into a mailbox, and all the other little nuances of the job – it doesn’t train you for the actual thing. 

When you do get to the actual thing, you’re thrown into the fire. This causes a super high turnover, the hours jump almost immediately, and the message becomes super clear. “You’re ours now, work yourself to death or get out”. A lot of good employees are lost this way, and if you’re in a hard situation you will stick it through. While looking for an exit plan ASAP. 

9. Pestered to Insanity

Messages. All day long. Delivering – and receiving. Constant updates required by management, constant relays between employees. Things thrust on to you in the morning before work. There never seemed to be a moment of peace. 

Never time to take a breath and relax. That was a pain in the butt for me. 

8. Double Standards(Safety)

Safety should be a genuine concern for the well being of your employees. Not a facade used to enforce rules and regulations for the sake of punishment. Which way do you think they operate? In good offices, they probably actually care about their employees.

In many, they don’t. It’s just a tool for some person with a power complex to manipulate the workforce. 

7. Boredom from Repititon

This one isn’t a reason many people hang it up. But, doing the same route can get old for some. Every day is exactly the same. You hear Nine Inch Nails playing in the background of your life. Sure, maybe today you saw a butterfly. But, by and large it can get old. Especially with constant pressure of going faster. 

6. Lazy Coworkers

Everything that comes in has to go out. But, rightfully so everyone gets a little fed up at unreasonable demands. So, they slack. 

The structure of the job is designed on the city side to allow this to happen. I don’t blame people who take advantage of it at all. There is literally no benefit towards moving faster other than getting more work and false expectations thrown on you.

But, if you’re still in that honeymoon phase with USPS and are busting your butt on the daily – you’re going to get crushed by the extra work you have to take on from your wiser coworkers. 

5. Toxicity

Sometimes a bad apple rots from within. Or in this case, at the top of a bureaucratic building of management. That toxicity and double standards seem to have infected anyone capable of making a decision at that organization. In the end, the hardworking employees deal with the toxicity and it seeps into their lives. Eventually you might think it’s normal, it’s not. 

4. Inefficiency

From pointless scans to meetings discussing nothing. The amount of time wasted on stuff is ridiculous. All the while watching your numbers like a hawk. The way mail is charged is ridiculous, and it overburdens carriers. 

3. Juice aint worth the Squeeze(not paid enough)

A 12-year pay progression and a culture that tells you it was a great deal. The pay tops out at a decent rate, but the long arduous road to get there makes it hard to find it worthwhile. 

2. Can't get time off/work life balance/overworked

Want to work through your wedding? Go ahead! That’s fine with us. The work life balance at a lot of delivery jobs is rough, but the PO takes it to another level. 

1. Poor treatment by Supervisors

The number one reason people leave. The front line supervisors have a lot of work to do when it comes to soft skills. It comes from the top, and it’s a culture. But, it serves no practical purpose to treat your hard workers poorly. 

5 thoughts on “The Top 10 Reasons Mailmen/CCAs Quit the Post Office”

  1. It is the most toxic work environment I’ve ever been in. I do not recommend working here even to my worst enemy. We have been understaffed for years, management is the worst I’ve ever seen in my life! They do not care about anyone, ever. People are working 14+ hours a day, the rest are on medical restrictions, and you can’t blame them honestly! Our morning supervisor is garbage, he is abusive, gives no clear direction and will not take responsibility for anything. He is beyond hated and it has caused regulars as well as CCA’s to just quit. I’m on my way out as well, enough is enough. I will not so much as buy a stamp from usps. I hope the whole institution collapses , it would be well deserved at this point. It will never get better and just constantly gets worse. NEVER WORK HERE! IN FACT DO NOT SUPPORT THE POST OFFICE! You are doing nothing but supporting them to continue to treat their employees badly!

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with everything that you said and I cannot detect one lie written. I got out and have never been more happy.

  2. Milpitas P.O. is the worst. Management threatens your job. 60 days into it they want you to perform like 10yr employee. They don’t care if you have heavy packages without dollies or back support belts. Oh but don’t turn on your vehicle while fastening your seat belt cause o got fired. After delivering mail in 108 degree weather and them saying I’m to slow in their little ovens on wheels.

  3. Since the start of the pandemic, they removed non schedule days. Regs, CCAs, etc drop like flies while the work load increased. Where once there was maybe hour to hour and half extra, we now get 2 to 4hrs extra daily. They give you sick leave and crucify you should you need it. They rip you apart and harass you when you return. I broke my toe and got mocked by my supervisor on the floor how I should’ve come in anyway, many other terrible moments. Terrible and toxic environment, the union reps only laugh and do nothing. I call it the RMS Post office. They can’t get new people to stay because it sucks. They blame it all on us, yet the workers problems is a symptom of a huge disaster waiting to collapse
    The stress makes me sick to my stomach, but I can’t just up and quit because I can’t do that to my family… I’m thankful to have a job and to provide for my family, but I’d almost rather retrieve carts at the local shopping center. Help

    1. Hey Luke,

      I’ve been there man! It sucked. I wasn’t mentally together and was having a terrible time. I quit, tucked my tail between my legs and was making 180 a week as a package handler after moving back home. Nothing lit a fire under my butt like that, though. If you can, I’d recommend switching.

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