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What are the spinning things on top of UPS trucks and vans?


just kidding. 

Hot air circulator!

Have you noticed something funny looking on top of a UPS truck in your neighborhood? 

And does it look like the thing in the picture for this article?

If that’s so, then the spinning thing is a called a flettner ventilator. They’re meant to circulate air in package vehicles and vehicles with enclosed spaces to improve airflow. The back of a package car can get very hot.

Especially during the summer when it’s filled with boxes. I’ve dealt with this myself. Anything you can do to help a driver to keep cool is going to be great for their health but also delivery speed. Less brakes means more boxes get to their endpoint on time!

So the flettner ventilator is a welcome addition by me. I haven’t seen too many yet where I work, but hopefully they become more common place. There are so potential faults I could see in the design because we are often eye to eye with tree branches.

That might be a potential hazard to get ripped off. Also, could this turn into a sprinkler in the back of your truck on a rainy day? I’m not sure about that one but I hope not! If you’re a delivery driver that has had one of these installed on your truck, let me know how it has worked out so far in the comments. 

And other ways you stay cool. Thanks for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “What are the spinning things on top of UPS trucks and vans?”

  1. I was in my second-story office when I saw a UPS truck with a whirly thing through the window. I quickly googled it and found your answer! Thanks! This really satisfied my curiosity.

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