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Should I become a delivery driver?

Do you enjoy being active? If so, a delivery driver is a great occupation that keeps you in shape. But, more than that it keeps your mind sharp. The drawbacks of being a courier or delivery driver is that in some cases the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.

If you want to be a delivery driver for a career then you’re going to want to stray away from the gig apps. You know, the ones that delivery food and things like that. In place of those I recommend jumping over to a delivery outfit that has a union.

Despite all the flak unions get by.. propaganda campaigns lol(this is true, I’m not a conspiracy theorist I promise!).. unions are a great thing for job security and benefits. When you look at any labor job that has high wages you’ll find one thing in common, they’re unionized.

That’s why those guys that fix our electrify during a storm make six figures. And, I think they deserve it. So in summary, you should become a delivery driver but don’t invest your time and hard work into a company who sees you like a number. And if they see you as a number, make sure you’re in a union so you see them as a number too(your wage).

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