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The 10 Reasons Delivery Drivers Make you Mad

Have you ever seen a delivery driver and felt a bubble of rage rise up from within? We know, it’s so easy to be envious of us. But, we wanted to put it into a succent summary for all of the reasons you could be. So here it is in all it’s glory. 

The 10 reasons delivery drivers make you mad. 

1. The box has a dent

Your treasure from Amazon has arrived. The tape they use is lacking the whole adhesion aspect normal tape has. But still, we know it’s always the messenger that takes the blame. And it’s okay. As you’ve been pinching your dog every time the delivery truck comes by, his hate has festered.

2. Those Trucks are Loud

Ah yes, the 2 PM nap you were taking. Your slumber is abruptly broken. As the roar of the truck cuts through your consciousness, you think – damn them!

3. Your Package was late

Everyone knows that shipping something only involves literally handing the package to the delivery driver and he personally takes your package to the next location and drops it off. So if you receive a late package, there is no other way anyone else could be involved. 

Therefore, it’s his fault and only his. 

4. Blocked Parking Space

An unfortunate occurrence we know. Parking spaces and people who are suddenly in much more of a rush when they have to practice 30 seconds of patience. How dare that person do their job and slightly inconvenience me. The truth of this one is we do feel bad, and know it’s irritating. But, sometimes you just gotta double park someone. 

5. Outrageously Beautiful Calf Muslces

As we stroll up to the gym, you catch us. Every other part of our body is bursting through it seams. We’ve been enjoying fast food a little too much. But then it hits you, the one part you’ve been working on for years. 

Your calf muscles. They just don’t seem to grow. And then you see us. Our glistening lower body flashing it’s farmers tan in full brilliance when our sock goes down a little lower. But above that, the calf muscle calls to you. Haha! All those years in the gym and this guy has you beat. 

6. We Listen to All the Audiobooks

Stories streaming through our heads day in and out while you’re home in your approved Zoom meetings. You’re getting paid, we’re getting paid. But we’re listening to that book you wanted to hear. We apologize, truly. 

7. We Have a Free Sauna

Some people pay to go to an enclosed room and sweat until their body is feeling great. Well, for us we get this treatment for free! Every summer, every day, we get to enjoy the full effect of a sauna. 

As sweat pours from our body for nearly 10 hours, we see you staring at us. “His clothes are soaked, and he didn’t even half to pay”. Ah yes, that must be exactly what you’re thinking. 

8. We Get Called a Lot

You know those lonely people in the world? We do, and we’re not them. Why’s that? Because we have tons of phone calls daily. “You’re late!”, “Why aren’t you home for dinner?”, “You missed a pickup!”. They’re always short, and sometimes argumentative.. but they’re something, right? 

9. Dogs are Drawn to us

Walking on to your property day in and day out seems to be some sort of cruel fate for our canine allies. We taunt them, they taunt us. Sometimes they even bite us. But once in a while there is a dog that loves seeing a delivery driver so much that it makes our day. 

Those are the ones the treats are for!

10. We Get to See all the New Cellphones

As long as cars don’t have tinted windows, we get constant up close looks at the newest cell phones to hit the market. The driving with one hand, cell phone in the other approach seems to be fairly common. Or better yet, the missing a green light because the person in front of us hasn’t stopped checking their Instagram. 

Gotta love it. 

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