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PVD Driving for UPS – The Overview

So you saw the ad or your friend from Big Brown is trying to sign you up to be a PVD eh? You poor soul, run! Just kidding. Being a PVD can be a pretty nice job but if you’ve never delivered before you might find it reasonably stressful.

You will have to use an app that UPS provides on your phone. It can be a bit clunky at times but it’s getting better by the year. This app is able to load in the stops you get and make everything *work* for your deliveries. The deliveries you get will most likely be at a pickup location where you and about 4 other PVDs will meet up with a driver as he unloads his packages of fury on you.

The good thing about all this is that it generally pays pretty well. Year by year it changes and some drivers complain about this but I believe last year in my state, PVDs were getting about 30 bucks an hour. Another thing that’s great is you will not be able to fit big heavy packages in your vehicle, so you’ll mostly get the small easy stuff.

The worst part of being a PVD will be apartments, no doubt. Apartments are a pain for every delivery person in every occupation, so while you’re sweating and feeling emotional about not finding 6b which is located in the far corner you can feel relief that someone else is also going through the same thing.

Depending on the center you’re allocated to, you might do a mini route of your own or at least a similar area. Or, it could be total madness and you’re sent to a new area every day. That’s the life of a cover driver for UPS(madness on the daily).

But, in all honestly, it’s a pretty cool gig and you can bank some decent money doing it while not wrecking your body with big packages. The comfort of being in your own vehicle with a/c and radio is an added bonus. Hopefully, the pay matches up this year to make it attractive again.

The most important part of this job if you’re a newbie is to stay calm, take a deep breath and become a robot. Once your robot tasks are completed from the driver you meet up with you may get more or they might just send you home. The work all depends on the volume of the center during that day.

Something that’s rough about it is that you will be working the most during the times you want to spend with your families(December). But, if you can get past that then give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

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