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Is working at UPS stressful?

Heck yeah! Especially if you’re working in the warehouse.

Currently, I’m a driver. And I can say that working inside the building is the thing that almost made me want to quit. I was chucking boxes for 14.50 an hour. Often for 3 1/2 hour shifts. Taking home barely 200 a week and feeling like I just ran a marathon.

But, that’s the meat grinder anyone has to go through who wants to drive eventually. If you want to be a feeder driver making big bucks, you have to start as a little guy first! So, is it worth it for you? Well, there are huge benefits even to being part-time.

Those are – you will eventually get a pension. As a part-time employee that’s unheard of. I’m actually not sure of any other companies offering this so fill me in on it in the comments if you know. Also, you’ll have some of the best healthcare in the nation. It depends on your contract when you get it. Because it’s a union job, contracts vary from supplements. It took me 9 months in the southwest supplement.

Lastly, if you don’t want to drive there’s the Earn and Learn program. That means UPS will reimburse your schooling expenses up to 5,250k a year. There is a 25k lifetime cap. But, they’ll put a dent in your tuition.

So yeah, in summation this is a hard freaking job and it’s stressful sometimes especially in tough weather and heavy volume. BUT there are clear cut benefits and a strong union who will make sure you’re compensated fairly. By the way, the contract expires July 31st 2023. So, you might get paid a lot more(I hope) by the time the new one is renegotiated.

Good luck!

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