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How to become a driver for UPS?

Quick and dirty, here’s the list

How to become a UPS Driver

1.Search for the website

If you’re searching and nothing is popping up. Stay persistent. UPS likes to hire in cycles. And especially around the holiday season. They put you through the grinder to see if you’re a worthwhile employee to have.

2. Become a part-time worker

This is the grinder part of the process. You will be sore and frustrated at first. Your body will adapt. Keep going, you got this.

3. Remember the ratio

There is a contractual ratio of part-time hires to “outside” hires. By becoming part-time you will have a surefire path to becoming a driver.

4. Survive

Working in the warehouse is hard as hell. I honestly don’t think I’ve experienced anything more physically demanding than being a loader.

5. Put your name on the bid list for being a driver

Simple as it sounds. You have to show your intent to drive

6. Take a test drive with the supervisor and a DOT test.

After you get called up they want to make sure you’re physically able to drive. The prescreening includes a DOT test and a test drive in a package car. They can DQ you for driving like a wildboy/girl so just try your best to keep alert but don’t let anxiety ruin it.

7. Off to Intergrad

Intergrad is where you’ll learn most things you need to know to be successful.

8 Memorize the safety stuff

You’ll need this to pass

9. Repeat the safety stuff

Repeat it correctly? You’re out of integrad

10. Go out with an on-road supervisor for a few days of training

They’ll let you know how they want you to deliver

11. On your own, you’ve got 30 days to make it

Take it easy, follow the methods, be organized. This is the 30 day qualifying period that if you pass you’re now a full-time driver.

12. Don’t get scared of the DIAD(the scanner)

It’s easy to learn you’ll get it in a couple of days

13. If you want to be full-time, avoid being a seasonal driver

It will mean you’re not part of that ratio I mentioned earlier as union workers have more seniority.

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