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How do I ship insects? The Guide

Real quick, before I bore you with reading I’ve made a video about this. You can watch it below

Now then. What are the steps to shipping insects?

  1. Figure out the season and tolerable temperatures they can survive at
  2. Make a box that is well ventilated and additionally has an ice box if it’s hot. OR make a box that is well insulated but still breathable if it’s cold outside.
  3. You can buy vents, ice packs, and other supplies easily. The vents go for about a dollar to two dollars each so shipping is pricey.
  4. Finally, make your customers sign a disclaimer. Many bugs will die – shipping is not as straightforward as it seems sometimes.
  5. Write something like “insects” inside the box. Or “live insects”. As a delivery driver I pay way more attention to boxes that have anything alive in them. But, we see so many “fragile” stickers ON EVERYTHING that we are kind of immune to it. Like most humans to repetiton.

If you’ve done all that then you’re in good shape. We rarely see insects at my current place of work, but nearly every human being has an instinct to care for something in need. So if you make it obvious you have something alive in there, everybody along the line will most likely take extra care of your box. Except for the machines!

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