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5 Tips on How to Become a Faster Delivery Driver

You’re there in your room when a breeze passes by. “Wow that feels lovely!” The joy of being alive fills you up to the brim. 

So you stand up and look outside. A package is there. WHAT! How did this end up here?! 

If you’re a driver and want to get better, faster, stronger and more efficient at delivery. I’ve got 5 tips to make you a faster delivery person!

1. Learn Your AREA!

Round these parts they call this area knowledge. Yes, as my head was in the clouds with GPS for many years I can attest I barely knew left from right. Computer says go here, I go. It says do that, I do. Like a mindless robot I was going through the motions. 

But as time passes you kinda want more out of life, like a free donut with your coffee. So what can you do young buck? Learn your area. If you’re on a frequent route, get familiar with everything about it. Develop your spidey sense. Know when the dog will be relieving itself. Things like that. But really, area knowledge trumps GPS every time. 

2. Learn the streets

No, not the band.  We know that hit single is a banger though. Speaking of banging .. your head, you will be if you don’t know your streets! Every city has its own unique quirks. But, for the most part the E, W, N, and South should all follow a similar number patter. For example. You need to go to 2222 E Madeup Street. Well, to get to 2222, there’s a centerpoint that is 0, and to the west of that is 100 W Madeup Street and so on. 

Figure out where the streets and numbers split. This will give your mind a general feel of how far away you are from your next delivery. 

3. Check your Mirrors like a T-Rex was chasing you

Remember Jurassic Park? The Jeep? The T-Rex? THE FURY. Great film. And what’s better, is that they couldn’t take their eyes off that dino. Your dino could be a little kid, erratic driver, or someone on a bicycle. 

But if you get in the habit of constantly checking your mirrors, you’ll see damn near everything. And this will give you that “feel” that everyone starts to develop over time. 

4. Stay in Reasonable Shape

I know, I’ve seen you. You’ve seen me and we’re not the next American Ninja Warriors. But, we’re something! I think it’s all too easy to become a gas station slayer. Eating whatever prepackaged calorie infused offerings are available. But, your body pays the price.

If you can incorporate a reasonable workout routine to keep your heart pumping, your day will go by a lot easier. Personally, I use a jump rope when I’m tired as heck. But, some people even work out with a VR headset. Whatever works for you. 

5. Take the Red Pill

When you see that truck filled to the brim with mail, packages, or whatever it is you’re out there getting to it’s next destination – DO NOT – let it get you down. Take the red pill, break the confines of illusions and don’t lie to yourself. 

Your day will be hard, you may have to stop bullets with your hands and fight agents in a never-ending duel only to be reborn. But, do it with style and grace. Not panic and anger(I’m still working on this one myself). At least I’m aware of it, right?

I hope you enjoyed my blurb on how to get faster. And I hope you don’t push yourself to the limit everyday because the stress just isn’t worth it. If you have any other tips you’d like to share with fellow drivers who may be reading this, comment below. 

Thanks for stopping by.


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