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Does UPS drug test?

Hey.. why would you search this?! Huh??! Are you one of those… BAD GUYS…

Okay sorry, I just want to judge someone after eating all those cookies today. So, the thing you want to know is does UPS drug test and the thing I have to say is HECK NO. I’ve worked at both UPS and USPS and can tell you that if either of these organizations decided to conduct tests like this regularly, there wouldn’t be much of a workforce.

If you decide to drive the big feeder trucks for UPS, they will definitely drug test you to get that job. Because that’s a ton of responsibility and they can’t have some guy who enjoys laughing maniacally be on the roadways without hurting their brand. But you do you.

If you decide to work in the warehouse at UPS you have to pass a background check, and if you want to drive you do have to give a urine sample to the doctors but that’s only for the DOT requirement. They aren’t going to check for anything in your system outside of ..proteins?? Something like that they’re looking for specifically.

What I will say though is that although the organization doesn’t drug test, if you are going to be operating a motor vehicle you should probably lay off that stuff until you’re home or the weekend. Just you know, to focus on driving.

Hopefully, I answered your question and thank you for stopping by.

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