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Does UPS deliver on Saturdays?

You’re there in your bed enjoying the sunrise, and your family is blissfully content to have you at home with them for the start of your 2-day vacation.

As your wife is smiling while serving you breakfast in bed you hear it. A notification from your doorbell alarm has told someone “YOU ARE BEING RECORDED”.

As you peek outside you see a disheveled man stumbling back to his truck, his knees held together by tape and Walmart sleeves.

How dare this..stranger accost you on your morning. But then your eyes open slightly wider, the truck is brown and so is his shirt. He’s unshaven with a beautiful farmer’s tan. Could this be.. those damn UPS boys?

Yes, IT COULD. Yes, I’m ONE OF THOSE GUYS. Yes, I’ve used caps several times in this short article thus far. UPS does deliver on Saturdays and has been for several years now.

How long has UPS been delivering on Saturday?

Since 2019 chili bean…but yes. For more than three years now, and maybe four when you read this article. If it’s 2023 and you come across this article and have just realized that we deliver on Saturdays… what’s with you man. Get with the times ok.. or something like that. Ok, don’t take it personally.

Are the drivers happy about delivering on Saturday?

So, those older more “experienced” drivers you see will not likely be the guys coming to your house on the weekend. It’s the young guns or recent career changers with low seniority that have to do this stuff. For me, I think it’s great. There’s less traffic and people are happier when they’re driving.

Does UPS deliver on Sundays?

Not yet.. dun dun dun. In the future, I predict the answer to this question will be yes. For right now, we don’t. The packages never stop moving. On Sundays, there are tractor-trailer drivers moving your packages happily across the country. But currently, drivers are either on a Monday-Friday schedule or a Tues-Saturday. In the future, Wed-Sunday will be the move perhaps.

I hope your questions have been answered and you’re a happy camper with your delivery questions. If you enjoyed this article buy me something because I am not attractive enough to get tips from customers like my friends so I have to survive on ramen and spite.

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