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Delivery Driver Gift Ideas

First of all before I get into this article I wanted to say thank you. To anyone even searching for something like this, you are likely compassionate. 

There can be some stressful days as a blue collar worker, and seeing a gift basket filled with things makes all the difference. 

You there! Dear kind soul, you’re looking for ideas on how to help out your delivery driver as he/she runs through the gauntlet of their day? It can be tough lugging around 100 lb boxes at times, but if we have had a rough day and waltz up to a house with a basket of goodies it can sometimes make you emotional(I’ve felt this before on a rough day). And I have no shame admitting it!

For most drivers, we live on snacks and liquids. So if you are a frequent deliveree(?) and are actually want to leave things that is my pro recommendation. I’ve seen water bottles and chips. Sometimes there are even healthy options which I accept relative to other choices as I berate myself for being such a sweet tooth at heart.

So my suggestion is, don’t spend a lot. It’s seriously the thought that counts. On a hot summer day when your ice has melted and there’s a cold bottle of water waiting for you on a doorstep, it’s the best thing in the world.



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