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Delivery Driver Gear – The Comprehensive Guide

You there, Mr or Ms person that delivers things. I’m one of you. And if you’re new to this turf of getting things from A to B then it’s okay.

Just breathe deeply and disregard the chaos. But, what are the essentials you need to disregard chaos skillfully?

Well, just like Batman has millions of gizmos at his disposal – so do we. Let’s go through the necessities.

#1 A mental plan or physical protection for a dog attack

Oh, you just expected me to start off shilling some gear? Well, seriously this is what should be number one in the mental/physical gear department for any delivery driver. You’re going to deal with traffic and angry customers. But, the one thing completely out of your control is when a customer has the door cracked and a pitbull behind it.

So, this is the most important thing I would say to prepare for. If you don’t have mace and aren’t working for USPS(they supply it), then consider your options. My current employer does not supply mace(UPS). But, they do supply us with heavy scanners and rage from all the heavy stuff we lift.

My plan is always to stay put and yell. Drill that into your brain especially if you don’t have dog spray. Once you run, you have just ignited the canine instinct to chase. So, stand your ground and get nasty. If you have to back away do it facing the dog. And, of course, if there’s a small distance where you won’t trip then running could work out. It just usually doesn’t make sense.

#2 Shoes that are comfortable and won’t slip

When I used to be a mailman they had these ridiculous shoe choices of what we were allowed to wear. They were uncomfortable and put in place by people who have no idea how hard that job is. You’re going to be the delivery god here. Get shoes to match.

What works for me are the black sketchers with memory foam. They’re not in the best shape right now actually and I need to get new ones. But, from when I worked in the warehouse and had to wear steel-toe boots – these are night and day.

Sketchers typically offers discounts to some delivery workers so that’s something to look into as well. I wear something close to “Sketchers Sport Vigor” from my google search. Yes, I could grab my shoes but I would have to get up.

#3 A water container suited to your type of delivery

For me, I’m in a big truck all day so we usually get larger-sized water containers, especially for the summer. But make sure it’s something that isn’t heavy and going to weigh you down. Maybe you drive for Uber Eats(or are planning to) and if your vehicle has air conditioning you’ll need much less liquid to keep hydrated.

I’ve tried all kinds of water jugs. From vacuum-sealed to those small metal ones. And I usually just stick to the 1 Gallon store brands. I believe they might be Colemans. While you’re out there picking out a water container make sure to get something to keep hot liquid hot for the winter and some electrolyte packets for the summer.

When weather shifts, delivery can be hell. So get prepped!

I can’t get over how serious this guy is about delivery

#4 Your Lunchbox

This little piece of equipment will become your window to joy on those rough days. When you’re out there doing figure 8’s in your box truck at some random parking lot because you’ve just had it, you’ll glance over and see your snacks and realize you can go on. Yes, it happens.

So pick a good one that you’ll like. I go through these things like wildfire. My current lunch box is worth about 25 bucks but it has a pocket in the front that I like. So I’m keeping it until summer. I’ve seen plenty of guys with those huge expensive ones. And I’m not mentally ready yet to commit so much money.

If you’re new to delivery I recommend going cheap to see if you even want to stick with this as a career. If you’ve been around a while you probably know what you’re looking for anyways.

#5 Battery Backup for your Phone

This is the thing you won’t always need. But, when you do need it and you never bought one – you’ll be screaming obscenities at the sky. They come in handy once in a while. Especially towards Christmas time when deliveries get nuts for me. But, maybe your phone keeps a charge for a long time or you have a newer model. You might be good then.

I hope you all liked this list and if you have any suggestions throw me a comment and I’ll add it. Thanks for stopping by.

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