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Can you ship Eggs with the USPS?

This may come as a shock to some, but yes you can ship eggs. The postal service has outlined three conditions. 

  1.  They’re individually cushioned
  2. They’re otherwise packed to withstand shocks during postal service handling.
  3. They are not likely to be harmed by anticipated weather changes in USPS custody. 

My recommendation for shipping eggs is an egg protector case that can be purchased cheaply online or in a camping section of a store. Then layer the outside with peanuts. Or you can follow a guide I found below where the shipper uses a regular carton case, but adds bubble rap in addition to packing peanuts to make a snug fit. Then she sends it off in a priority box. 

They’re an extremely delicate object by nature, and no one wants to crack an egg if they’re not cooking. 

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