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Are package handlers at UPS paid well?

Hell no.
That’s the short and sweet answer. The truth is that package handling is an extremely difficult job at UPS. You might work the night shift or morning shift. There are also less common “combo” jobs but they’re under a different pay category.

The thing you should be looking into if you want to be a package handler is a way to help pay for school or insurance. Anything else(actual pay) is a waste of time. To add to that, it’s a fairly stressful job. There’s a lot of stuff you have to deal with because it’s all about numbers.
Management wants to get the most work done and the most boxes through the system, with the least amount of workers possible. With metrics, everything is a ratio of efficiency and its downfall is although it makes sense on paper – it turns your employees into spiteful people at times!

I remember busting my butt working the night shift and seeing people slower than me going home early. As I painted on my clown makeup it dawned on me that working super hard meant.. I got to stay another hour. For 14 bucks an hour, it wasn’t really worth it to me.

There are more in-depth posts on the package handler position on this site but as I said above, THE PAY AINT WORTH IT. Thanks for stopping by! And make sure you drink plenty of water, it’s very physically demanding. Stick it out to become a driver… if you want.

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